YQ Business Ambassadors are companies ready and willing to implement the Yes Queen project. They live and breathe the YQ ethos; have an open conversation with their staff on a zero tolerance towards workplace bullying; they spearhead great culture and integrate wellness in a joint quest to future-proof wellbeing and kindness in work.

YQ werk-kits implemented: 18
Employee Reach: 212

GOAL: 500,000
TO GO: 499,788


“Kindness and collaboration is at the centre of everything I do at White November and I am incredibly proud and excited to be a YQ Brand Ambassador” - Bianca Librandi


“Agency Iceberg is proud to join Yes Queen as we believe everyone has the right to thrive in a workplace that is safe, positive, diverse and inclusive." - Agency Iceberg


“LX Swim is honoured to join Yes Queen! We are for the fearless employees who cheer for one another. A work environment that is supportive, kind and positive is a place where we are all Yes Queens." - Alex Brooks


“Silk Game is proud to stand with Yes Queen in the pursuit of making the working environment a kinder place for everyone. Progress starts with empathy and boy does the world need more of that!” - Maja + Em


"We're over the moon to partner with Yes Queen, aligning with our shared values of empowerment, positivity, and inclusivity. We're excited to build a work culture that's kind and uplifting, where everyone thrives." - Dough


"Cinch are beyond excited to stand together with Yes Queen! Imagine if we all worked in an environment where everyone felt supported and were encouraged to thrive.  WOW.  Magic would happen" - Renee Moore, CEO


“Real Pretty Kind is proud to partner with Yes Queen and jointly champion the Kindness Revolution. Empowering our tribe, cheering each other on, and delivering truckloads of fun along the way is integral to our M.O. and theirs. Together stronger, we can't wait to see what the future holds!” -  Katie Rockliff, CEO   


"Rowdy Fans is an ambassador as we want everyone, everywhere, to be the best version of themselves wherever they work or play. We believe workplaces should be environments free of judgement and negativity. There is only one you, don't change for anyone and don't let anyone dim your sparkle. Make your impact inspiring, positive, motivating and fun!" - Jess, Founder 


"Lifting up our team and our guests so they feel incredible, always, is the #1 priority for me at The BLOW. My mission is to create a community of women who support each other to be and feel their best, inside and out. That’s why I’m so proud to have the opportunity to work with Yes Queen to make work a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all. I’m incredibly exited about the movement and what we can do together to make a real impact in the business community’." Phoebe, Founder


“Here at Orles, we support those around us with respect and enthusiasm because when we lift each other up - everyone wins. Encouraging others to shine the brightest they possibly can is our day to day, and we’re so proud to be ambassadors of the Yes Queen. Bring on the kindness revolution!” - Erin, Founder


"Everyone is unique and has the right to celebrate it! Original Vitamins is honoured to collaborate with Yes Queen to promote a positive, healthy and empowered workplace environment. #iamoriginal" -  Robert, Co-Founder


"For a company like bellabox, which outwardly encourages self care, wellness and inclusiveness in our online beauty community, it was equally important to us that internally we live by those values and ensure our staff feel safe, happy and engaged in their workplace, so for us Yes Queen was a no brainer to implement" - Alex Pafitis, Partnerships Director 


"Founder, Kateena Mills, is a YQ Ambassador helping to spread the word and contribute to this important project! Club Sandwich is excited to be aligned with such a great cause and is committed to building workplaces that empower each other and succeed together!" Club Sandwich co. 


“Chris and I believe in respecting each other, our suppliers, our customers and every person we meet here at Copper Co Bikes. Supporting the YQ movement was such an obvious choice as we wanted to join a community which speaks, teaches and leads the way in respect in the workplace.” Jess, co-Founder


“What I believe drives success in all areas off life, is adding value. Adding value to your clients, your team, yourself and your personal relationships with people. Ultimately success in life comes down to contribution and having a positive impact in as many people’s lives as possible.” - Rikki May, Founder


“Ultimately, we want our office to be a safe place where we can all be our best selves in a positive environment. This is why Lagardère Travel Retail is very excited to be a business ambassador of ‘Yes Queen’ as part of our continued effort to make our workplace a safe, positive and inclusive environment.” - Tiffany Colliver, Chief Human Resource Officer 


"As a brand new fintech company, we know that a positive and effective workplace culture is the most crucial element for developing a successful brand and product. Our staff are our most valuable assets and without them, Archa would not have come this far." - archa


“A culture that promotes kindness, collaboration and wellbeing is one of the highest priorities at Mirosuna. It is taken so seriously that when looking for partners, suppliers and employees, we choose to only work with those who share the same ethos. Mirosuna is proud to be a YQ Brand Ambassador to spearhead this cause and join the revolution of kindness in the workplace.” – Sally, Founder


"We feel we've found a soul mate in The Yes Queen. Our mission at Uluna is to empower people with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves, the first step is being kind, always. We are inspired to be on this journey supporting TYQ on this incredibly important mission." Stacey Lim, FGAA Co-Founder Gemmologist