Raise your vibration, it's contagious.

Photography: Thu Anh

Photography: Thu Anh

Written by Lily Butson

Even with all of my best intentions, I myself often get caught up in lets face it - BS stress.

Without sounding too much like a cliché spiritual guru - which my coffee and G&T loving self is so far from - a word that I have fallen head over kitten heels for (amongst all of my time with my head in self help books), is Frequency - it almost sounds like it feels - vibrational, energy.

Let’s look at this word from the ‘more is better’ lens that we now as a society often see through… Frequency would be something we wish to be higher, right?

Now apply this to that of yourself.. yep, think about yourself.

In my eyes, vibrating at a high frequency within myself means being filled with self confidence, self assurance and self love.. all the self things.. and no, I don’t by any means think this makes me selfish.


Now the social conditioning has probably kicked in already, it definitely creeps in quickly for me, here are just some of the self-sabotaging thoughts.


“Hunni didn’t anybody tell you, you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce, what are you doing stopping?

Also “why aren’t you out with your friends tonight?”

“You should at least be working on your insta theme right now and building your socials for networking”.

And “what the hell is happening with your side hustle???”

“You haven't been to pilates since yesterday and you ate sugar free dark chocolate so easy on the platers with the girls - dairy is not paleo!”

By the way “your leave has been declined”,

And note to self: “do not wear those pumps again, Becky said to Ashley they looked cheap and she also noticed your outfit repeat despite the attempt in changing it up with a blazer and she recommended fasting to curb the stress weight you've gained.”

Oh and remember to “learn how to contour. Olivia got sooooo many comments today on how good she looked, maybe it'll help you be noticed.”


We are our own bullies.


When you're caring for yourself, looking after yourself and thinking of yourself (aka allowing, creating and being your best self) you lead by example (we all love and need leaders in this world especially ones with your kind of greatness) and encourage others too to do the same. Lets face it, when you're feeling yourself there ain’t no bad vibes, no putting up with BS that you know doesn’t serve you and no being mean or taking your BS out on others because well, you're happy - you've got a sense of your worth!

So quiet your own internal BS - sit with yourself, think about yourself, care for yourself and when the inner bully comes in, come back to your breath and remember:

By being consciously aware of yourself, your energy and the frequency you're vibrating at, you are in fact greater able to:

-    Produce your best work.

-    Contribute to others.

-    Be less affected by others.

-    Feel fantastic!

Whether it’s feeling and remaining empowered within the work place, maybe taking that brave leap, listening to your gut, leaving the job, asking for a pay rise, addressing the bully, investing in the company, going for a new job, being promoted, or honestly just making this current stepping stone a little more fun and lifting your head off the keyboard! Hey who knows you may not even need that 3pm coffee or the chocolate that’s hidden in your top drawer.


It all comes down to you and how you feel about yourself.


Because frequency is energy and all that jazz, what you put out you kind of somehow attract it back - in the scientific world it makes sense but for me I just know based on personal experience.

So, by being consciously aware of your frequency, empowering yourself by doing whatever you need to raise the vibration, the rest will take care of itself.

You got this!!!! And others around you will soon have it too - thanks to you!

My Frequency raising faves to get me through the day:

-   Listening to music or a podcast in the morning,

-   Creating more space and time in my day to do things I enjoy outside of work,

-    Eating whatever the hell and whenever the hell I want,

-    Prioritising me, including all the rest, sleeping and face-masks,

-    Making new habits and routines that I know make me feel better but seem like such an effort at first (getting out of bed a few minutes earlier to mindfully breathe, a few minutes of journaling of a morning or evening, planning out and looking over my week on a Sunday night, keeping my apartment tidy throughout the week, doing all my washing on Saturday morning.. these little routines keep my space and mind clear to avoid any nasty stress and leave me with a greater ability to listen and hear myself).


Remember these little things are going to help:

- Empower YOU.

- Be and feel the Yes Queen you know you are.

- Attract, encourage and support more Kings and Queens around you.


Queens and Kings are nice, they don’t tolerate any bad energy or unkind behaviours, and they kind of do as they please……so “Ciao!” inner and outer bullies!

Sarah Fritz