Do I really support women in the workplace?

Photography: Thought Cataloug

Photography: Thought Cataloug

Written by Vicky Novoselski

My thoughts on Women Kind, Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women by Dr Kirstin Ferguson and Catherin Fox.

Disclaimer: I will not be discussing the validity and worth of this publication. I’m not a book critic and I assure you my views are simply what resonate with me, whilst thinking about Yes Queen and my own workplace.

I joined Yes Queen not because I experienced bullying in the work place (which breaks my heart!) but because of the positive messaging around “real queens fix each other’s crowns”.

Originally I started my career in the construction industry and then left after 10 years to study design. Immediately I was thrown into an industry where women outnumbered men. For the first time, I could see women, getting shit done and achieving amazing things in the workplace.

Along with the amazing there were moments of conflict due to the diversity of personalities of women in my workplace. When conflict happened I would question my women colleague’s behaviours, and on reflection, more so than I would have if it had of been a male college from my previous career. This made me doubt my support of women and I asked myself “do I really support women in the workplace?”

That is why I picked this book with the intention of unlocking the power to wholeheartedly support women and to alleviate the guilt I felt of feeling the way I felt.

Although Ferguson’s and Fox’s book didn’t give the clear instructions I was naively seeking.

Women Kind gave me much more!

Ferguson, sick of being a bystander to the virulent abuse, the pile-on behaviour and endless put downs posted on many women’s online accounts knew enough was enough and in 2017 she began the #CelebratingWomen campaign.

Over one year, she made a different kind of noise, with the campaign profiling and celebrating 757 women from 37 countries around the world. Women from all walks of life, achieving amazing things.

Ferguson and Fox’s story is one that is research, evidence based and shaped with shared experiences from many of the women profiled in the campaign.

It explores many structural and attitudinal bias and gender stereotypes (where my guilt stemmed from) that we as women are faced with as well as the impact of the collective power of women.

This book shows us how far we have come, how far we have to go (in terms of leadership and opportunities for organisations), but more importantly how amazing we as women are when it comes to collaborating, networking and making change. 

“When women support women, you just never know where it may lead” – Dr Kirsten Ferguson and Catherine Fox.



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