New gig? Here’s how to ‘Yes Queen’ it!

Photography: Thought Catalog

Photography: Thought Catalog

Written by Jessica Sofarnos

Navigating your first “grown-up job” can at times be confusing and to be frank, often a little overwhelming. The early starts and 8hour+ back-to-back days, learning all the new systems plus trying to remember everyone’s names; on top of this you know you want to soak up this incredible first experience, be happy and engaged while keeping your sh*t together! Not to mention trying to think of the perfect or most appropriate moment to slip to your new boss that you’ve got a trip to Europe booked for 3 weeks in July so, um - “how do I log that?”

I get it, there’s a lot going on. 

Sometimes, when you’re having an internal freak out about managing all of the above as well as everything going on in your personal life and beyond, you just need a few little reminders of how to survive the first few months. After this time, what seemed like chaos will be a well oiled machine, you'll be flying through those long days.... but adding in pre-work yoga, Friday night drinks and lunch time client meetings. 

 Here’s how to Yes Queen it!


When I was interning in NYC, some of the warmest people were comparatively cold as ice. I was too scared to ask my boss when I needed clarification - which led to making mistakes. Looking back, I wish I wasn’t intimidated and reached out for the answers I needed to know. Be brave in asking “is this the correct format?”, “is this the right person to call for this issue? Or even, “am I okay to jump out and grab a quick coffee?”. In a Yes Queen approved business, questions are not only welcomed, they are supported. You’ll never learn if you don’t ask, so feel empowered to do so. 


We’re all human and as such, mistakes happen. There’s no shame in speaking up on an error made – trouble shoot with a senior, learn from it and then, move on. The things you dwell on or get upset about after work hours I can almost guarantee no one will remember or be dwelling on the next day, which leads me to...


It’s tough out there sometimes Queen! And it’s OK to admit it. Be nice to yourself inside and outside the office walls. Entering the work world can be challenging - learning everyone’s name and role, understanding the business, learning new and complex systems, the list goes on! If something goes wrong, its OK. Even the “best” people misjudge situations and make mistakes - they become the best by taking their journey in their stride. When you leave the office, try not to look at your emails (although I am a culprit of this!), and create space to wind down. You’ll be your best self in the job if you’re looking after yourself. Disconnect, sleep in on weekends, read books, drink lots of water (and some wine!) and relax. Some great advice I have been given,“the work will still be there tomorrow” and “the job doesn’t always love you back”- so when family and friend time calls, be present. 


We live and breathe this statement at Yes Queen and it is especially important to live by it when things get heated or stressful at work. Although we are not necessarily like-minded to everyone at work, all co-workers deserve respect and kindness. If you’re feeling frustrated by someone at work, go for a walk and think before you speak, you will return and have a more diplomatic approach. It’s important that your words come from a calm place so you can work through any issues you may have professionally. 


If you’re like me, you’re a perfectionist and you want to do a great job all the time. When you’re hustling hard, picking up extra work, doing overtime, weekend work plus helping other departments you can feel like you’re chasing your tail. It’s important when you’re feeling maxed out to sit with your manager or mentor and work out how to dial it back. Check your job description and what you signed on to do and keep track of where you’ve gone outside of this. Yes Queens go above and beyond however you will only be able to do your best when managing a realistic workload. 


A friend connected me to my first corporate job interview and I landed the role. It would have been easy to just hang with her and her friends. The best thing I did was to keep myself open to everyone in the office. I pride myself on being the real me – friendly, bubbly sometimes a little crazy! I met colleagues just like me who will be life long friends. 

Being open and trusting is a quality that allows me to make great instant connections, however work is work and it is important to keep it professional. Save your weekend shenanigans and private escapades for the people you have cemented trust in. 


‘Cause really, what else is there?!