4 instant (and easy) ways to tap into your power.

Photography: Joshua Rawson-Harris

Photography: Joshua Rawson-Harris

Written by Steph McGovern

You remember those teenage years where you had an abundance of self-confidence and were fearless beyond doubt? I do, but reflecting on the last 10 years, that confidence and fearlessness had been dulled by hyper-criticism from partners, “friends”, colleagues and bosses.

I’ve realised in the last couple of years the significant impact self-confidence has in our lives - especially being a woman and in the workplace in 2018. Whether its being bombarded with people’s ‘highlight reels’ and chosen content, or sneaky eye-rolls and sniggers in a meeting that affects our self confidence – and not only in those moments but going forth into the future, we’re left questioning ourselves and our worth.

I’ve been lucky enough to be given opportunities by other females in my workplace to push myself out of my comfort zone, to build my self-confidence even when I didn't think I was ready to. In a more recent experience I was asked to get up in front of the whole business and their partners, and host our annual Gala. This is something that petrified me, I felt like curling up into a ball and hiding under my desk. My head was saying ‘absolutely not this isn't something you do’, but my heart knew better.

The day came and I made it through. And not only did I make it through, the smiles, laughter and praise that was received during and after from my colleagues felt incredible. My own personal sense of self worth and confidence was that of the carefree and fearless teenager.

Confidence demands respect and there is nothing more beautiful than when a woman is unapologetically herself. These few points helped build me up for not only that evening, but also going forward in my career and daily life:

Wear what makes you feel incredible

When I put my black power-suit on for the evening and a pair of beautiful heels - I felt invincible. Never underestimate how an outfit (or a good lipstick) can affect your confidence and therefore the way you carry yourself.

Songs that give you BDE (Big Dick Energy)

We all have ‘those’ songs that get deep into your soul and make you feel like you could burst straight out of your chest and shake what your mama gave you. Listen to those songs, over and over and over. Put them on in morning before you go to work, before getting up to speak, before a meeting - set yourself up to own whatever you’re doing.

Surround yourself with people that love and support you, unconditionally

In times when our self confidence is low and we’re unsure of ourselves, we need these special people to actively listen to our fears and reassure us of our best qualities, that we are valued and most of all that you can do this!

Self-reflection and self-love

It’s important to take time to actively list your favourite qualities about yourself and to feel where you’re at in that exact moment. Self-confidence comes from knowing ourselves and acknowledging what makes us unique.


A couple of glasses of bubbly to take the edge off never hurt anyone!

Sarah Fritz