Trailblazing Queen: Renee Moore, Cinch Skin


Interview by Rebecca Rusinovic

Hi Renee, we are so excited to have CINCH Skin on board with the Yes Queen project and look forward to a joint quest of making work places an empowering and inspiring place to be.

I am absolutely so excited about being on board!  Thank you!

CINCH was created to inspire the streamlining of women’s skincare routines and achieve the benefits of five products in just one! When did this “light bulb” moment happen?

Before I had babies I used quite a complex routine.  As soon as I had my son Miller, I wanted to simplify my routine but still get the benefits!  I went on the search for this “miracle product” but it didn’t exist so I got to work creating it!


Skincare is such a meticulous product to create, did you have any knowledge or experience going into Cinch or was it a complete head first into the beauty industry? 

Apart from being absolutely beauty obsessed I worked in the skincare industry for nearly 20 years in multi National as well as local businesses.  It was those local businesses that gave me a real insight into what goes into running a business.


How difficult was it to get the formulation that delivered the results you wanted but also to convince manufacturers on combining five products into one?

EEK, it was a long process.  So many samples.  The hardest part was getting that cosmetic glow perfected as I didn’t want it to be sparkly or glittery, just pure glow! Convincing a room full of scientists to come on board was a tough sell. There were multiple obstacles to get through but we got there.


Cinch has since added two more products to the range, was this a natural progression or did it come from the demand of your consumers? 

There was pressure to expand the range for sure. The demand started from the media (their support has been epic) then filtered through to customers.  I guess now we have a full routine, which is great!


What is natural beauty to you and do you think it is a trend more women are embracing?

Natural beauty is when someone is comfortable in her own skin.  Natural beauties radiate and glow with ease. It’s something that I am really focusing on and trying to embrace this year.  It’s a huge challenge for me, I have always been quite insecure but it’s twenty-nine-queen right? In fact this year Cinch is really focusing on self love and self acceptance and I will be taking this journey alongside our #glowers (our Instagram family) in a campaign called #findyourglow  I think women are embracing their natural beauty more now.  There has certainly been a rise in positive role models of late, helping us get back to reality.


What are your tips to growing and then maintaining a social media presence?

Always be authentic.  Slow and steady wins the race for us.  Our audience are really engaged and we get great comments, feedback and DM’s.  We have collaborated with some fantastic women who have shared Cinch with their family, which always helps growth!


Firstly, a huge congratulations on the CINCH Prix de marie claire nomination. What is it like seeing Cinch skin featured in magazines or on social media? Is it a total “O.M.G” moment?

Thank you! The Prix de marie claire nomination was an absolutely amazing moment.  Every year I would be so exited to see what was on the shortlist and go and shop it! I always dreamed that I would one day have a product on that list and it came a little sooner than expected so I am over the moon! I still buy every magazine that we are featured in.  It is so exciting seeing my third baby in all these amazing publications.


What attracted you to the Yes Queen project? 

It spoke to me immediately! All leaders and business owners need to step up and take responsibility to ensure they foster a zero tolerance towards bullying.  Yes Queen makes it easy to streamline this process and make sure all staff know what is expected.

Has bullying in the workplace affected you personally and if so, how did you overcome it?

I have been exceptionally lucky and always worked in positive work environments. I want to ensure that my team and anyone that we have direct contact with has the same experience. 


How do you integrate wellness at work? Is there a ritual that has become part of CINCH’s business operation?

For me wellness means minimising stress levels. Even when I think I have no time, I always make time to exercise.  Even if it is just for 20 mins. Exercise is my medicine.  I have no focus if I haven’t exercised and my work suffers (so do the people around me ha ha).  Mandatory outside time helps too.  Never underestimate the power of 5 mins in the sun!  It totally recharges you. 


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business but is held back by their own demons and fears?

There is never going to be a time where you will feel totally at ease about starting your own business, so just do it! I do recommend doing your research, finding a gap in the market and making sure you are familiar with the costs and legalities before getting too far into it too.  Surround yourself with amazing people that will support you and make sure you are never too busy to support others.  Believe in yourself and your business.

Who is your beauty icon and what is something you do to add a little glow to your own beauty look!?

You can’t go past the classic 90’s supermodels.  Fresh faced, natural glowy goddesses!  Elle, Cindy, Lindy, Claudia!!

I never follow makeup trends.  I stick to what I know.  Nothing matte EVER touches my face!  Ha ha.  Of course I love Face Cheat or Cheat(er) as a base.  It gives an incredible instant glow.  I also love mixing a couple of sprays of Face Cheat in my foundation before applying it or patting a bit of the spray on my cheekbones or down the centre of my nose!  I also can’t go past an at home facial! Exfoliate, mask, a bit of tan whilst watching a great movie.

Sarah Fritz