Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life.
— Elizabeth Lesser
Art by Pilar Zeta

Art by Pilar Zeta

Akira - Crystal Dreaming

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA // The focus of a Crystal Dreaming journey is to access a clear connection to your higher self and your guides.  You will be safely guided into all time and space where you can effectively resolve past life karma, heal current and past life traumas, remove entities, soul contracts, curses and spells.  A mandala will be placed behind your head using hand selected crystals to help you access a clear and safe journey to the higher realms.  This can run over multiple sessions as clearing is not always possible in the first session. Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz.

First session $150 (90mins) Follow up session $100 (90mins)

Photography: “Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent” (1981) by Richard Avedon

Photography: “Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent” (1981) by Richard Avedon

Akira - Multidimensional Kundalini Healing

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA // Multi dimensional Kundalini healing focuses on clearing blockages and hooks out of ones Kundalini energy centre. The Kundalini energy is nestled at the base of our spine and rises upwards, ideally throughout the physical body. First we will start by bringing awareness to this powerful energy source.  Cleansing and clearing blockages within each chakra we will begin to activate the light encoded filaments within your DNA.  The light encoded filaments are like rays of light that hold a geometric form of language.  Our DNA contains our entire history as a species.  We hold so much information within our DNA, yet so much of it yet to be unlocked.  Working together with the ascended beings of light, it is our mission to transmute, unlock and install these codes so that you will be operating at your full potential. Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz

Session cost: $150 (90mins)

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YOKE Movement

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA // YOKE is a Melbourne based community fusing dance and self expression with live and electronic beats. The word YOKE is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘coming together’, forming union. Our workshops are about facilitating authentic connections to oneself and one other in a space completely free from judgments. We invite you to take the time to let go of the mind and drop into the body through ecstatic dance and movement. YOKE is a collaborative consciousness calling all individuals seeking to express intuitively and energise the soul.

At YOKE we believe in oneness at the core of all existence. With the help of our resident DJs and musicians, who play a mixture of down tempo, deep house, techno, world and live sound healing, we will take you on a two-hour journey releasing the mind and opening the heart. Always guided by your own body’s wisdom, the sacred space and music provided become a backing track to the deeper lessons that lie within ourselves when we truly let go. Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz


Platinum Tarot, Melbourne Aus

Dog mum-of-two, Phoebe Soeteman is a Tarot reader with a difference. Upon arrival, be graced with a soulful smile, a glass of rosè and her trade-mark ‘girl power’ attitude. Then, dive into an inspiring, down-to-earth reading that aims at opening doors, revealing truths and empowering her clients.

Having moved to Melbourne seven years ago from little old New Zealand, Phoebe always knew there was a little something magic following her, but wasn’t quite sure what. Eventually, she began to seek out what was missing and, very quickly found that Tarot was her calling. Now, an empowered business owner, ‘Platinum Tarot’ exists to offer young women the opportunity to connect with the magic that they are craving in their everyday life and encourage them to take control of their destiny. Recommended by YQ Contributor Jessie Castle

Mention 'Yes Queen' for 10% off any 60 minute reading.

M: 0459 646 666


Native Flame

As we catapult further into a digital age, many Millennial’s are seeking out spiritual experiences, practices and rituals in a quest to live a holistic life; particularly one where we feel nurtured, centred and humanly connected. Smudging is an ancient ceremonial practice that has fast become a new age wellness cult; achieved by burning certain herbs, woods and resins to remove negative energy, create a safe and welcoming space and to cleanse the mind, body and aura.

ENTER Native Flame, the first portable incense burner created by our Yes Queen spirit guide Akira. This means you can smudge on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. My Native Flame is part of my daily rituals – I use it before meditation and before I begin my work day. It can also be used pre-yoga, when out in nature, for new-moon and full-moon rituals or when you need to say “thank you, next” to those bad juju vibes. To make smudging even more accessible, Akira has gifted the YQ community 20% off with code YESQUEEN

Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz



There's a first time for everything. If you're new to the world of spiritual healing, sound healing is the perfect place to start. Mirosuna (a moniker created by director and founder, Sally Kellett) is a space for "mindfulness without the woo". Sally's healing space is warm, intimate and not one bit intimidating.

Sally guides you through the practice with a deep, relaxing monologue accompanied by an ensemble of Tibetan and Alchemy singing bowls. Your mind will feel totally relaxed, allowing you to reconnect with your inner-self and fall safely into a deeply meditative state.

An hour spent with Sally was one of the most liberating and uplifting spiritual experiences I've had. As someone who does not describe themselves as spiritual, sound healing was one of the greatest gifts I've given myself. Give it a try; you won't regret it.

Recommended by Amy Likoravec, Yes Queen Ambassador

Photography: Stephen Ward

Photography: Stephen Ward

Flow for Thought

If negative emotions are holding you back and hindering your growth, then Chantell is the Yes Queen you need in your life. As someone who arrived on her doorstep in a bit of a state, even before Chantell finished explaining our session to me, I could feel her healing vibrations starting to work on my energy, or lack of.

Chantell’s practice is unique in the sense that she fuses science and spirituality into her modalities creating what is called 'Quantum Healing'. She works with her clients to deep dive into their unconscious mind – the home of our fears, beliefs and values - and untangle and re-pattern these systems to serve us better and help find our true path to happiness.

This powerful work is blended with mindfulness techniques, guided meditation and reiki to give you an emotional and spiritual transformation that will change your life! 

Use code YES QUEEN to access 10% off your first session. Chantell is also offering the Yes Queen community a significant discount on the ‘7 week self-love breakthrough package’, enquire below.


The LOV co – Linda Overstrom 

 "I am still sitting in jaw-drooped awe from my Energy Reading with Linda, psychic channeller and energy intuitive. From the moment our session began I felt so comfortable in her humble and calming presence. Starting with crystals she had intuitively picked for me, we moved into guided messages about my past lives, soul’s mission and my unique gifts (matched with potential opportunities). Everything Linda channelled resonated with me, as we uncovered clear guidance for my life path. I could ask for advice in particular areas and I delved into career – the information that came in has given me so much inspiration and empowerment for the evolution of my businesses; some of which I have already put into practice. Whether you are pragmatic or spiritual, I highly recommend a session with Linda – you will walk away bright and sparkly, with practical advice from this highly gifted soul reader. Linda, you are magic."  - Recommended by Sarah Fritz, Founder, Yes Queen