YQ Proud Empath Jumper

YQ Proud Empath Jumper


One of Yes Queen's core values is empathy. Let's celebrate the perks of being an empath with this loud and proud sweater - we feel deeply, we love deeply and our bullshit radar is on high alert. 100% cotton, so it's good for you and mother earth. Sizing is USA, oversized fit.

Material: 100% Cotton Flannel knitting using 20/1 yarns and 10/1. Pink reactive dyed. Relaxed classic fit, round neck.

S Specs: Body width: 54 cm Body height: 68 cm Sleeve height: 62 cm

M Specs: Body width: 56 cm Body height: 70 cm Sleeve height: 64 cm

L Specs: Body width: 58 cm Body height: 72 cm Sleeve height: 66 cm

XL Specs: Body width: 60 cm Body height: 74 cm Sleeve height: 68 cm

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