Our passion for learning, is our tool for survival”
— carl sagan


Agency Iceberg

MEL/SYD AUSTRALIA // Agency Iceberg is a boutique recruitment company that prides itself on helping people find jobs and workplaces they love. Recruiting exclusively for marketing, communications, PR, digital, experiential and advertising. the roles range from senior leadership and C-suite positions to entry level opportunities. Launched in 2014, Agency Iceberg recruit for some of Australia’s biggest full-service advertising, marketing, media, digital and creative agencies, as well as a variety of in-house organisations across Melbourne and Sydney. Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz.


Unfuck your brain

Unfuck Your Brain is a podcast with master life coach, feminist rockstar and Harvard & Yale Law graduate Kara Lowentheil.  Kara uses feminist studies, psychology and coaching to help rewire your brain to get what you want out of life. Covering everything from body image, to relationships, career and everything in between, Kara uses cognitive psychology to help listeners train their thoughts which in turn, changes their emotions and actions. After years of never feeling 'good enough', she found that she could rewire her thinking to to enable herself to use the feminist values that inform her life day-to-day and have the confidence to to break free of the shackles of social conditioning and negative thinking. Recommended by YQ Contributor + Project Manager, Jess Sofarnos



Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee

An eye-opening memoir about a young, brave woman working in the Australian justice system. Eggshell Skull explores this system, shedding light on the cracks within it and the struggles women often face in receiving fair and impartial hearings. The most alarming part for me was that these issues seem to be particularly prominent in cases involving sexual abuse and domestic violence; cases where women are genuinely crying out for help. It struck me how naive I was about the whole system. Sure I know loop holes exist, but to the untrained eye it all seems so unfair.

About halfway through the book, the sheer volume and magnitude of these cases start to take a toll on the protagonist, Bri, pushing her to address her own personal demons and history of sexual assault. This starts an extraordinary journey for Bri, as she struggles to deal with her own issues while tenaciously driving for change and demanding justice.

At times this book is quite graphic and confronting, particularly the heartbreaking effects the abuse has on Bri’s self-esteem and body image. But it's a seriously powerful read, providing a fascinating insight as to what it’s like to be on both sides of the law, and the struggles faced by all involved. 

I absolutely loved this book, and took great strength from this incredibly determined woman. Bri has inspired me to start uncomfortable conversations and to stand up, speak up and fight for what I believe in. Hopefully Eggshell Skull has that same effect on everyone that reads it, and that the conversations to come help to drive female empowerment and equality, sooner rather than later.