Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.
— buddha
Original image supplied by Frank

Original image supplied by Frank

Frank body scrub

GLOBAL // I treat every shower like a ritual - a mini ‘spiritual cleanse’! You can use it as a time to purify your body, energy and aura. Twice a week, part of my routine for the last five years has been to use Frank Body Scrub on my face and body. Formulated with roasted and ground robusta coffee beans to smooth, cold-pressed sweet almond oil to hydrate and nourish, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and skin-refining sea salt - the recipe for a shiny disco ball. It has proven results to help heal acne, ecszma and cellulite - yeahyahh! Frank is also natural and cruelty-free which adds all the right feels to your morning #thefrankeffect Recommended by YQ Founder, Sarah Fritz

yoke yoga.jpeg

Yoke yoga

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA // Visit Yoke and try not to become hooked. Tucked away on Union Street in South Melbourne, this studio offers a mini-retreat from the often erratic pulse of the city. Born from a collective love for the practice of yoga, founder Chris Wilson has cultivated a unique space that allows for the yoga-curious and seasoned-yogis alike to connect, play and grow together. Inside you’ll be greeted by warm, encouraging and super relatable teachers – each of whom injects their own style and personality into the practice. Yoke specialises in Vinyasa yoga (heated and non-heated), Yin yoga and meditation - offering flexible class times, a community class on the weekend and various events, workshops, retreats and trainings on offer throughout the year to feed your curiosity. Enter this studio with an open mind and you’ll leave with a full heart, a powerful sense of warmth and awareness and the best part, new friends! Recommended by YQ Contributor Bec Palma.


The Blow

The Blow’s central CBD boutique combines millennial pink and red accents with empowering mottos emblazed on every mirror- perfect to snag a sneaky selfie! Enjoy a 45 minute “get in get out” pampering as a neon “good hustle” sign illuminates the salon adding to it’s uplifting, inspiring and #girlboss vibe.
If you’re not feeling one of the six signature blow out styles like “Rich Girl Hair” or “Baby Got Beach”, customise your own to satisfy all your blow dry dreams. A portion of every blow dry is donated to local charity, @sharethedignityaustralia so you can leave knowing you look good and have done good too. A trip to The Blow promises good vibes, great laughs and even better hair.

YQ OFFER: $49 Blow wave Monday - Wednesday if you say you're a member of the Yes Queen community - valid until June 30, 2019
146 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 (03) 9663 1293 Recommended by Yes Queen @rebeccarusinovic

Photography:  Dan Castano

Photography: Dan Castano

Ultra Violette

If you like to buy local brands, especially brands birthed and built by women, and you have a face that you care about, then Ultra Violette is right up your rue.

But first, full disclosure: the co-founders of Ultra Violette (the sunscreen start-up based in Melbourne) are friends and former colleagues. You should also know that I am very bloody picky about sunscreen (actually all skin care) and that I happily buy their Queen Screen online at full price because I love nothing more than to slather my face, neck, chest, and hands with this sophisticated SPF 50, multiple times a day. I have dry and delicate skin prone to pigmentation so Queen Screen is my fave of their range because it hydrates and protects, softening my skin, filling my fine lines (albeit temporarily), and leaving me with the kind of glow that makes me quite ok about skipping makeup but sits beautifully underneath it when I do. Hail Queens! Recommended by YQ community member Lucinda Pitt.



With growing awareness of the negative impact commercial personal care items perpetuate, APHA.LAB, an ethical self-care brand has entered the market seeking to enhance the quality of our health.

Using only 100% natural, carefully selected and therapeutic ingredients their two beautiful “free from” natural deodorants truly elicit a sense of calm with every application, the scents of roman chamomile, organic palmarosa and violet leaf absolute (just to name a few) take your senses on a gorgeous journey, capturing the feelings of spring and the freshness associated with the earth.

Indulge in the beauty and education that Founder Mariana Raltcheva’s provides at the APHA.LAB website. It is through this education and the sharing of knowledge that we can empower one another to achieve a different state of mind, to be mindful in our daily rituals, to embrace every moment as a special treat and to learn to work with our bodies, rather than fighting to control them.

The texture, tone & fragrance of “cactus and clay” which I am currently using takes my senses on a journey every morning, gliding on effortlessly, with no excess residue, I couldn’t recommend this range any more highly!

Recommended by Sarah Johnson, Yes Queen community

Image supplied: Y7 Studio

Image supplied: Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio – Los Angeles + NYC

As a fierce chaser of cosmic vibes in every aspect of life, I was over the moon to discover Y7 yoga studio in West Hollywood LA – not only is it hot yoga with serious beats, it is done in the dark, lit only by candlelight. Despite still being challenged to perfect a downward dog, I have been drawn to yoga and its surrounding ethos and teachings for many years now.

Y7 yoga was a standout experience, the darkness is a MAJOR point of difference and brought a whole new meaning to this sacred practice. In this outer-worldly space, my inner light was the focus, shining bright. The Y7 environment allows you to release any fears of judgement or expectation; you are instead thrown into a deep personal journey, where you are the master of your session – guided by experienced teachers with down-to-earth vibes who will assist you or leave you be – it’s completely up to you. 

Profusely sweating (aka detoxing!) post class I was left feeling not only centred but with serious slay-vibes for only taking two child’s pose breaks. Recommended by Yes Queen Founder, Sarah Fritz.

Y7 Studio have proudly supported the Yes Queen mission by offering 10% off all classes and workshops using code YESQUEEN7


Tee Loves

I've been a beauty buff since the days of straightening hair with an ironing board and wearing body glitter, God bless the 90s. I then worked for magazines for a decade, which only ignited my affinity for skin rituals. The evolution of wellness has seen a plethora of natural beauty products hit the market and I have found my plant-based skin care crush, Tee Loves. I have been overheard “ooohhinggg” and “ahhhhhing” as I apply the Tee Loves ‘Hemp + Rosemary + Lavender Cleansing Oil’ and my skin is hydrated and glowy AF after a few drops of the ‘Raspberry + Pomegranate Facial Serum’.

Tee uses her essential oil knowledge to infuse her products with high quality plant oils, love and intention - every ingredient serves a purpose. Tee believes we can tap into the Earth’s natural resources to live a healthy and balanced life. For skin care that feels like a deep breath meditation, I highly recommend Tee Loves. Sarah Fritz, Yes Queen Founder.

YQ community offer: 15% off Tee Loves store using code YESQUEEN