How to incorporate more spirituality into your life.

Photography: Priscilla Du Preez, touch of magic: Mike Fritz

Photography: Priscilla Du Preez, touch of magic: Mike Fritz

Written by Yes Queen Wellness Advisor, Akira

The draining influences of workplace stress, conflict and overload seem to be everywhere nowadays.  This can spill over into your personal life and create even more stress and hardship. Work is where people spend much of their time. Yet our spirituality can get shoved aside in the act of making a living.  So how can we reverse this trend?  By taking the outdated structures of workplaces and creating a more “spiritual environment”.

1. Be the type of person who takes the responsibility to create an environment that can host a space for spirituality - be the one who bonds people together, not the divider.  When you are in a meeting or you are communicating with others choose your “words” wisely.  Speak knowing that every word you use is a frequency.  It has the power to change any situation.  Recognise if you are in the wrong, apologise if need be.  Be the example. 

2. Part of spirituality is recognising the gifts and goodness each one of us have.  If you are a manager or a supervisor focus on acknowledging these gifts. These can benefit the company immensely.  If you constantly focus on the negative, you will drive more negativity.  Encourage your staff to use their abilities and gifts to make decisions that can better the company. 

3. Incorporate meditation sessions into the workplace.  Meditation is proven to have incredible benefits in calming stress, being more focused, having better concentration and feeling more zen. 

4. Get in tune with people around you, how can you help someone?  Just listening is usually a good start. When you show you are a true listener, others will be more inclined to open up to you.  Make time even when you don’t seem to have it. Don’t be judgemental. Be ready to share your own experiences too. 

5. Start to incorporate your skills or your abilities into your job.  Are you learning reiki but never feel like you have the time to practise?  Practise at work!  Use your skills to cleanse your space and then offer your service to your work mates. 

6. Write power words like Love + Happiness on the water filter,  it has been proven by science that by doing this practise you change the structure of the water, absorbing a more positive frequency.  Stay away from gossip, it spreads like wild fire and causes negativity to spread uncontrollably. 

7. If your space allows it, use incense such as frankincense, this has been proven by scientists to change the chemicals in the brain to a more positive and uplifting mood.

“There is no limit to the amount of good a person can do if they don’t care who gets the credit.” – Unknown

Sarah Fritz