Flourish with strength.

Photography: Jessica Felicio

Photography: Jessica Felicio

Written by Philipa Laiika

How does one motivate them selves in a world where structure and money are seen to be more important then passion and creativity?


Ever since I was a kid I have loved making art, using my hands to create. I was never afraid; in fact I was a young entrepreneur making cards and sitting in my driveway selling them to people that walked past. I don’t think I ever sold anything but I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there. I was proud of the work I had done so why wouldn’t other people be?


For many years I have had dreams bigger then I could imagine to start my own business and sell my creations. Whilst studying Textile Design at RMIT I did start making and selling crystal jewellery - I was quite successful and sold things to many people. Somewhere along the journey fear decided to take over, the fire turned into a mere spark. Then begun the downward spiral of self-doubt and deprecation. The waiting game; Maybe if I wait someone else will help me or guide me?


No sir, life does not come with an instruction booklet or someone to hold your hand throughout the journey. I could make every excuse under the sun as to why. Oh I was bullied in high school so I have no will, or I’ll do it next week, or I’m just waiting for the right time. I can wallow in this pain for 10 more years or the rest of my existence if I chose to but that seems exhausting.


I have a voice and a story to share, whether that be through art, textiles, writing or music.


At the end of the day you really only have you. The truth is that everything I ever needed to pursue my dreams was always there. It was in fact myself that let fear take over. I could say that the fear and doubt came from external influences, other people not believing in my dreams or believing that I couldn’t do it. What if these people were a mirror offering me what I didn’t believe to be true for myself?


I have the gift of self-expression and by not sharing it I am actually dishonouring myself. I am bullying myself; I am not letting myself live to my full potential and that is just mean.


Yes, I can sit here and list all of the bad things that have happened in my life, yes I can sit here and blame everyone else, but what if every experience I’ve been through in my 24 years was actually just showing me that I wasn’t loving and honouring myself?


What If I now change my perspective, change my limiting beliefs and just allow myself to freely create the life I want to live. What if..


Art by Phillipa Laiika

Art by Phillipa Laiika

What if I told you every belief started as a myth?

Would you look at me like I look at you?

Would we let our feelings be our truth?

Let go of our troubled youth.


I can’t tell you what to do.

Only you can truly support you.


What if our dreams became reality?

Or if we believed we were worthy.

Would we live in a world without greed and poverty?

Instead one in balance and harmony


If we had our own power,

And used it for the greater good of humanity.

What if I told you our hearts had all the answers.

That ultimately we know.


Would you believe me if I tried?

Trust that the universe is right.


What If…


I release my soul.

From all of this pain.

I won’t do it again.

I won’t do it again.

I release my soul.


As I step into my power, I offer any one else who is going through the same struggles the ability to put yourself first. Everything you need to create the life you desire is within you. You just need to make a choice and show up today, for you.



Sarah Fritz