Why you should embrace these wellness trends.

Photograph: Sarah Comeau

Photograph: Sarah Comeau

Written by Steph McGovern

“New year new you” what a magical time of year to reinvent ourselves. Whether we’re itching to strip away the year was, or gently continuing to build on the foundations we created in the years prior. Whichever side you’re on, with every 1 January comes an endless list of new wellness trends to try.


At the end of every year I fly home to Brisbane a somewhat manic and fragile woman, into the arms of my family who piece me back together over the coming 10 days. Since moving to Melbourne 5 years ago, I’ve realised that time at home with my family is so important. I welcome this time to switch off, recharge and reflect on what i’ve achieved that year, and what I want to achieve the following year. For the first time 2019 was a year of goals that didn't revolve around money or losing weight, instead I focussed on what would benefit my health long term physically, mentally and spiritually.


Some wellness trends are not trends at all, they are here to stay and they benefit us for the rest of our lives, this is why these ‘trends’ are things we already know about but we’re probably not putting as much importance on as we should be! We all can benefit from a little guidance when it comes to wellness, so i’ve listed a few things that play a crucial role in staying sane throughout the year.


Sleep hygiene

I read recently a doctor was quoted saying that sleep deprivation is the new smoking - which seems shocking but also probably the truth. Quality sleep is the most important thing to us as humans, however a lot of us aren't prioritising it. Creating a bedtime routine to get the best sleep possible is always going to be a work in progress, however making a few changes can really help push you in the direction of better sleep:

●      Choose a bedtime that works within your daily life, one where you can achieve what you need to in the day but also ensuring you get at least your 7 hours sleep.

●      Switch off 1 hour before bedtime, let the body and mind know it’s time to get ready for sleep. Reducing stimulating activities such as TV and using our devices - the blue light affects the our sleep inducing hormone melatonin.

●      Limit strenuous exercise close to bedtime.

●      Avoid sugar and caffeine in the lead up to sleep.


Friendship/family/relationship cleanses

It doesn't matter which relationship it is, whether with a friend, partner, family or yourself, if it’s toxic you will never be free to fully immerse yourself and experience what the universe can give you. Checking in with yourself after spending time with the people you have in your life is an important practice, realising who leaves you feeling loved, supported and understood and those who don’t add as much value to our lives as we’d like. We are all unique and grow at different stages and in different directions, understanding the ever changing needs of ourselves and others is critical in creating a sacred posse around you who lift you up to be the best you can be. Welcome those who bring good vibes!


Smarter exercise

Taking the time for ourselves mentally and physically is known to lessen the burden of daily stress. We’re expecting so much more from our workouts now than ever before so that it’s possible to fit some kind of exercise in. As much as I love a quick workout, sometimes it can add to the mountain of stress because it’s not what my body needs that day or week. Balancing a combination of hard and fast training with slower more meditative workouts allows the body and mind to get what it needs without adding more stress. Listen to your body!


Digital detoxing

Taking time to disconnect helps us get in touch with ourselves again and to make space for what is important. We’re consuming so much information daily and it can get overwhelming, so being able to switch off helps create that space to fully connect with ourselves and with other people. We all can benefit from having a partner/friend/colleague who is 100% present and giving you their undivided attention, it’s important we do the same.


CBD oil (cannabidiol)

I’d heard the hype around CBD oil but never bothered to put any research into it for myself. However, on reading about it, it’s really caught my attention. CBD oil claims that it can help with lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing your risk of cancer, help maintain brain health, protect against bone disease, lowering anxiety and stress, reducing pain and aiding our sleep. Not to mention once legalised in countries other than America and Europe, it will be in all of our skincare as it’s reported to be a powerful antioxidant that can repair damage from free radicals like UV rays and environmental pollutants. Overall it looks to be a serious all-rounder that everyone could benefit from no matter what you’re using it for.


2019 seems to be the year for personal growth, knowing who we are and getting comfortable with what we already love, and are still learning to love about ourselves. It’s your life, your body and your mind - when we create enough space to listen to what our bodies and spirit need, that's where the magic happens.




Sarah Fritz