Be someone that makes everyone feel superhuman.

Photography Brooke Cagle

Photography Brooke Cagle

Written by Anne-marie Guida

Words are the most powerful thing we have. Whether it’s spoken or written it has the power to make or break a situation and can never be taken back. It can be marvellously positive or detrimentally negative.

Living and working with different people exposes you to many different personalities. From the strong, dominant ones, to the hesitant, timid ones. With each type of personality, it’s important not only be aware of your words and actions, but to make sure you are always being the best version of yourself and not harmful to you or the person involved.

As Baylor Barbee says “What goes in your mouth should be good for you, what comes should be good for others”.

It’s also important to remember that everyone is on their own journey, has their own struggles, own triumphs, and own views on life and the world surrounding them. Never take anything personally but never accept or put up with another person’s negative projection of themselves or situation that they are going through on you. Instead rise above, be your best self and embody the qualities you would want someone to have for you if you were in their situation. Qualities like being understating, compassionate, patient, kind, encouraging and being aware of the disposition you are coming from.

A disposition coming from a place of dominance and ego can belittle and bully individuals. This can cause them distress, demotivation and can even affect their physical and mental state. It can also create a negative and hostile environment in which they won’t thrive. Whereas coming from a place of kindness, humility and understanding can create a thriving and productive environment where open communication and trust are at the forefront.

Tip: Transforming a dominant tone to an empowering one can positively change an entire conversation and event situation!

With open communication and trust, you are creating a harmonious workplace where people feel safe and confident to be interactive, collaborate and contribute. By letting go of the ego and being respectful and open to all, the following merits may arise;

- it can encourage you and others to see things from a different perspective

- create better relationships within the workplace

- inspire and empower you and others to do better

- create a more productive and receptive environment

- and even help you and others grow professionally and personally

Creating this kind of culture is more important than ever as we spend so much of our lives at the workplace; it inevitably affects our personal lives too. Being your best self and coming from a place of kindness, humility and understanding not only impacts you and your happiness but those around you - energies are contagious!

Sarah Fritz