Magic seekers. Finding it in you. Seeing it in others.

Photography: Karly Santiago

Photography: Karly Santiago

Written by Meagan Pate

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Magic isn’t something mystical and elusive, it’s a way of being, a mindset, an aura – it’s your energy.

It’s not external, it’s right there within you, within everyone. Illuminated by self-acceptance, love and authenticity.

Our thoughts manifest into existence, true magic is the ability to transmute negative energy into positivity. Liberate yourself, and inadvertently you empower others. Positivity is contagious!

Here are a few things that will hopefully help you on your journey, in and out of 9-5.


Cultivate an environment internally and externally where magic can not only live but also prosper.

This means creating a safe space free of fear, judgment and prejudice. It’s not our responsibility to find someone else’s magic but we can foster environments and relationships for it to thrive.

Our internal and external relationships are often interconnected, unsurprisingly the way we nourish ourselves and others are anchored by the same key virtues – acceptance, compassion, encouragement, humility, respect and authenticity.

Take a moment to really think about what it means to be authentic, and to water authenticity in others?

Are you living by these key virtues?

Evaluate the relationships in your life, are they adding value? How do you feel when you’re around particular people?

In a work setting, empathy and understanding are extremely important, but we still need to set healthy boundaries and honour ourselves.


Choose love, not fear

Fear can be incredibly debilitating, it creeps in, takes over and fuels our actions and reactions.

Spend time with yourself and be brutally honest. Ask – am I navigating from a place of love or fear? Remove judgment, observe, and sit with your thoughts.

Reimagine what you would do if you were to choose love? The more time you spend being inquisitive, the greater your power. Soon enough, you won’t have to choose, it will organically happen. 

So often we’re at the mercy of our thoughts, innate reactions and emotions, living a magical life means being in control – choosing what drives you.


Become enchanted

Spend time romancing yourself, connect with things that make your heart skip a beat and give you butterflies; stimulate your sensors. Unleash your inner child; be playful, curious and full on wonder. 

 “The most potent muse of all is our own inner child”  -Stephen Nachmanovitch

 An inquisitive, positive mind will find magic in even the most mundane things.

It all comes down to your perception, mastering your mind is vital.

‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert perfectly encapsulates, describes and shares endless ways on how to find your magic. Magic and creativity are so deeply intertwined.

 “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” 
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


We might not always feel like magic, nor will we be able to hold space for others to feel magical.

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to have down days it’s all part of the journey. What matters is how you nurture and love yourself through these moments. By loving and nurturing ourselves we are able to be more open and compassionate to others.

How to self-nurture is completely subjective, for me personally – it’s walks in nature, eating well, books, baths, meditating, using affirmations, writing, at times its surrounding myself with loved ones and other times it is spending time alone.

Be kind to yourself and release any expectations.

Love and light, x


Jim Carey: Choose Love not Fear