Actor: Jillian Nguyen

Actor: Jillian Nguyen

Who are we?

Yes Queen embodies a person - an ambitious trailblazer who is kind, compassionate and supportive of others.  

Why Yes Queen? Born in 1980’s Ball Culture, the term “Yas Queen” was coined and called out to anyone who was being extra, whether in costume or attitude. It is the greatest compliment for performers. This empowering phrase has evolved and gone viral in pop culture (largely via a Lady Gaga fan) and is now used to encourage anyone doing something amazing. We picked it up at work and would often use it as a powerful and positive way to support a co-worker, two fundamental attributes of our initiative. For our project, the ‘Yas’ is tweaked to ‘Yes’, a reminder that saying YES might change your life, or someone else’s. 

Urban dictionary defines Yas Queen as, “anything applause-worthy, fierce. Can add as many AAAs and SSSSs to drive the point home.”

Yas Queen origin further explained via Bustle.com