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Yes Queen’s mission is to future-proof wellbeing at work by erasing bullying and cultivating safe, positive and inclusive cultures. “We spend so much of our lives working; let’s make it an empowering and soul-nourishing experience for everyone”.

Yes Queen™ is a resource for employers and employees to understand bullying, culture and wellness in the workplace. We’re an open and supportive community of like-minded people sharing, experiences and expertise to help employees tap into soft skills like empathy, kindness and collaboration ­– essential attributes to workplaces of the future.

Our long term global goal is to help 500,000+ employees be their most fearless selves in the workplace. If Yes Queen content has had a positive impact on your work life through social media, our website or newsletter, help us track our mission by sending us a note.

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The Facts

“Bullying is an ongoing misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that causes psychological harm. It can involve an individual or a group misusing their power over one or more persons. Bullying is becoming a major workplace issue.”

“The rising issue is hidden female-on-female bullying, as women have become 58% of the workforce (USA). The secret weapon for bullies is an enabling environment and the insidious nature of this type of bullying allows itself to flourish in a variety of work contexts.”

Source: Cheryl Dolan and Faith Oliver, Harvard Business Review

“Bullying can take on many different forms and may include work related negative acts, personal harassment and social exclusion. The behaviour can be overt and aggressive or passive and subtle. About 1 in 3 are affected by workplace bullying, it is toxic and can be life threatening.”

Source: Cheryl Dolan and Faith Oliver, Harvard Business Review


Globally, women make up 48.5% of the workforce.

Source: WESO Trends for women, a global snapshot 2018


Workplace Bullying

Bullying can take many forms. Examples of bullying may include but are not limited to the following : 

• Verbal abuse, which may include shouting and/or throwing things;

• Interfering with a person’s workspace, materials and equipment; 

• Unjustified and unreasonable exclusion from work related activities;

• Inappropriate or unreasonable blocking of work opportunities;

• Intimidation or belittling remarks;

• Unreasonable criticism that isn’t part of a managing performance process;

• Nit picking and fault finding without justification;

• Deliberately withholding information that is vital for effective work performance;

• Assigning meaningless tasks unrelated to the job;

• Constantly and inappropriately changing and/or setting impossible deadlines, tasks or targets;

• Not giving an employee a say in how the job is done, when it is possible and reasonable to do so;

• Applying policies unevenly, with the intent to disadvantage someone relative to others.

There are two types of bullying behaviour 

Overt Bulling - Verbal actions like name-calling or insulting.

Covert Bullying - Can be almost impossible for people outside the interpersonal interaction to identify. Covert bullying can include repeatedly using hand gestures and weird or threatening looks, whispering, excluding or turning your back on a person, restricting where a person can sit and who they can talk with.


YQ Tip #1 

If you’re being bullied or witness bullying behavior at work, reach out to someone you trust in your organisation and speak to your HR department. Keeping a diary of dates and occurrences can also help if you need to recollect the facts at a later date. 


YQ Tip #2 

If you choose to approach a bully, sometimes it helps to have a third party present. Not only can they observe, support and witness the conversation, their presence may give you more courage throughout the process.







Personalities @work 

Imagine if everyone at your workplace shared the same personality and communication style. Sounds boring, huh?

Different personalities make for an exciting and enjoyable environment, however, it can be stressful when they cause conflict. Whether you’re an idealist, nurturer, extravert, introvert, protector, prancer or dancer, consider, how can we use our natural personalities in a positive way to encourage and inspire others?

Dominant types can help others find their confidence and power, and reserved types can teach others mindfulness with their ability to think and listen. We all have some magic to bring to our place of work!

By understanding your own and your colleagues’ personalities, you can begin to nurture healthy and productive communication in the workplace.

What type of employee are you? You can test your personality confidentially here:







The Pursuit of Wellness

Thanks to Millennials, who are leading the wellness charge, we’re embracing a more diverse and progressive workforce that’s empowering people to make greater choices with their lives than they ever have before. For companies though, the downside to this freedom of choice means we’re seeing the gig economy grow like wildflowers. To keep employees engaged and happy, it’s never been a more critical time to integrate wellness into the workplace.

Workplace wellness tip:  Try meditation mornings, flexible working hours, breathing exercises, corporate yoga, wellness workshops, healthy snacks, health leave (mental health days off), lunch break power-walks with pals, wellness retreats, plants in the office, sleep-ins for overtime, or an early leave pass for a long weekend.

The next decade will see the rise of empathy, compassion, creativity and collaboration at work, and the pursuit of wellness will continue to grow. This doesn’t mean work will become utopia though. We will still face the same issues with conflicting and competing personalities.

With anxiety, fear and poor mental health the three biggest killers of wellness, wouldn’t it be truly amazing if we could all operate from a place of respect and kindness to reduce these issues?

“To be  soft is to be powerful”
- Rapi Kaur

It may surprise some to learn that success in work relies on 80% EQ (emotional intelligence) and 20% IQ (intelligence quotient). The Yes Queen™ project promises to explore wellness, emotional intelligence and soft skills – limitless resources we must learn to harness.

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Culture Crush

When do you know you’ve found a workplace culture worth crushin’ on?

Do you wake anxiety-free when your alarm goes off or when you arrive to work do you feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Mean Girls?

Thriving workplaces stem from great culture and any place that’s nailed it will tell you it must be seeded from the top down. A healthy culture empowers employees to feel confident in their personality and valued within an organisation. And positive, safe and inclusive businesses benefit from employees who are happy and engaged, which leads to greater staff retention and collective success.

Culture tip: Don’t give up on finding your perfect culture crush. It’s out there and we’re here to help you find it! Check out this article by Yes Queen Contributor Katie Bowman on how to identify your culture crush.  

A professional culture will take complaints of harassment and bullying seriously, and nip it in the bud swiftly and confidentially. The longer bullying and harassment is tolerated within an organisation, the harder it can be to stop it. The knock on effect of ignoring this behaviour can be costly and can do long term damage emotionally.  

Part of the Yes Queen mission is to provide insights and tools to help achieve the ideal workplace environment. We believe investing in people and culture will increase employee engagement and retention, and reduce workplace bullying.


YQ Blog

Trending topics, trailblazers, personalities, culture, soft skills, HR, communication, organisational behaviour.

Trending topics, trailblazers, personalities, culture, soft skills, HR, communication, organisational behaviour.

Passion, purpose, brand you, education, self-confidence, self-care, self-love, boss-books, travel tales.

Passion, purpose, brand you, education, self-confidence, self-care, self-love, boss-books, travel tales.

Self-development, side hustles, hobbies, balance, wellness, current and post-trauma support.

Self-development, side hustles, hobbies, balance, wellness, current and post-trauma support.







You’re never alone

Through team Yes Queen’s collective experience we’ve learned that a startling number of workplaces have no anti-bullying policies and procedures as part of their induction and training. This means that when bullying or negative behaviour occurs, there’s no safe place to report it or process for it to be handled swiftly and professionally.

The Yes Queen™ project exists as a safe space to understand workplace bullying, with a focus to implement anti-bullying policy and procedure, and influence positive culture and wellness for all businesses big and small.

If you are experiencing negative or life threatening thoughts please contact Life Line Australia 13 11 14

If you believe you have been bullied or treated unfairly at work there are people in your corner:

Fair Work Ombudsman

Australian Human Rights Commission

Your local GP or a Wellness Practitioner
Bullying in the workplace can lead to Post Traumatic Stress and Anxiety, your GP or Wellness Practitioners can talk through your options including healthy, medication-free ways to fight it.


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